Website Redesign Project



Fentons Creamery is such a great place — it’s an historic landmark in Oakland, California, and has some of the best handmade ice cream in the Bay Area.

Fentons needed an new website — as their old version was outdated, not responsive, plus it was hard to read and navigate on mobile devices. The old site was a complete Flash site, so the SEO needed to be overhauled as well to help them rise in organic searches.


  • Ability for users to view ice cream flavors and menus quickly.

  • View locations and contact information easily and intuitively.

  • Ability to quickly view online store information.

  • Showcase photo library throughout the site.

Fentons also wanted the ability to make edits to their website. They needed a CMS that was simple and easy to use. Squarespace.com is one of the best platforms for doing that: the interface is very intuitive and the platform is very stable and secure. A perfect fit for their needs.




Taking the requirements and user goals, I put together some simple users journeys.



Working with the client, I listened to what their business goals were. Then, using both the business goals and User Journeys as a guide, I first did a card sort exercise. The results is the site map below.


Low Fidelity Sketches


I sketched out paper lo-fi screens to see what the initial layout might look like.



Wireframe Layouts


Using the paper sketches as a guide, I mocked up wireframe screens. A clickable prototype was created in InVision to see how the screens would transition. User testing was done, and changes were made to improve usability.






Using existing elements of their brand (logos from existing collateral) I put together a brand style guide with logo elements, a font family, and color pallet



Using the style guide, wireframes and the Fentons library of imagery, I designed high fidelity mock up screens in Sketch.


I then created clickable prototype in InVision.



Final Product



The New Fentons Website


The hi-fidelity designs and prototype were reviewed and approved for development. To accommodate the clients need to make in-house edits, I developed the completed product in Squarespace. The end result was a responsive, mobile-first web site.

Each of the business goal and user requirements were met;
· Intuitive and easy way for users to find ice cream flavors.
· Easy to find menus.
· Intuitive way for users to find location and contact information.
· A way for users to shop products online.

I also added new organic descriptive page titles, key words and page descriptions throughout the website to help rise their search engine listing and give their website more visibility. The new website elevated their online presence and place them on page one on the search engine rankings. I will continue to review their site analytics and rework key words to organically help their SEO on an ongoing basis.


Feedback & ROI

Feedback from the client was a pleasure to receive. Since the site was launched there has been a large ongoing spike in web traffic and in sales. Seeing that all of the work put into this project pay off for them makes my day!

Our online sales have really jumped this past week. Not just gift cards, but merchandise too! It’s got to be the new site. I thought you’d like to hear that! Thank you!
— Nini Curry, Owner of Fentons Creamery